The Mix Archive revisits 7D

If you enjoyed Hardcore in the early 2010’s, you’d have probably seen The Seven Dimensions of EDM. Across 7 volumes and a number of years, the series put deserving and talented names into the spotlight with the respective genres.

The old 7D series can be found here:

Check out this Archefluxx mix on the Best of 7D edition!


Olly P – The New Day (Archefluxx Remix)
EAR – Checkpoint DitDitDit
Pathogen – Boundary
Frontliner – Dream Dust (Shingo Dj Hardcore Bootleg)
Iridium. Vanessa vs Phenom – Snow Flower (Icicle Fairy Remix)
Blue-J – Out of Recess(2012 Extended Mix)
RMHN – R IS DEAD (In His Home)
D-Tor – You Asked For This
BlackY – ストロベリー・ダンスパーティー
BlackY – Lightning Vortex
@和平 – Disco’s Delight
Cytik – Rocking With The Best
Hybridize Culture – Silver Rain
RDM – Summer Drift
DJ 420 – Freak Off!
M-Project – Synthetic Sky (DJ EMG Remix)
Pulse – Elevation (Futurewave Rave Mix)
MOB – Anastasia
Pirulo Dejota – Transfigupiru
Archefluxx & Ranzor – Pharoah’s Fury
@和平 – Cost Of Sacifice
Clusterphuck – Make The Girlies Wet
ETIA = Sing Stab Stuff
NNN – Control
@和平 – The Price I’m About To Pay (Harder Mix)