Other Mixes

Before The Dawn Showcase Mix

Coreology is a total revisit of a classic track from 2010. From the idea up, this is a big kick, melody-driven and unique addition to an amazing Lucky Lotus project.

You can obtain the album, full of exclusive Freeform music from the likes of Qygen, Archari, Kokomochi and loads more here on a name your price basis!: https://luckylotus.bandcamp.com/album/before-the-dawn

Lucky Lotus' first genre specific album, Before The Dawn! A full album featuring some of the best freeform, featuring many newcomers as well as veterans representing the diverse sounds of the genre!

15 Reasons Hixxy is King

DJ Hixxy is one of the enduring pioneers of Happy Hardcore and UK Hardcore. Twice, the man has been at the forefront of the genre's development. When Hardcore Breaks developed into a bouncy 4/4 genre, Hixxy's Toytown was the track everyone knew about. His face was cartooned on almost every edition of Bonkers, and when the renaissance of UK Hardcore occurred, Hixxy was again the name driving into the new age.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Ian Hicks is working on new material, and I can't wait to hear what he comes out with. Here's a tribute to the king and pioneer. DJ Hixxy.

Future State Hardcore Vol. 3 - Promo Mix

Looking for new Hardcore? Check this FREE album project from my friends at Future State Music. Every stle of Hardcore music is inside, including Happy Hardcore, Freeform, Hardstyle, Breaks and Gabber!

It features mixes from the mighty DJ S3RL Scarred Digital Skinny Daniel Seven Kniteforce Records as well as a huge selection of free tracks!

PPF2014 Showcase Mix

PPF is a completely free digital album series which brings the members together to create something personal & unique, paying respects to our past, pushing the sounds of the present & offering a taste of the future. The main aim of this project is to give up & coming producers a chance to show what they've got to offer & by doing so, feature alongside more established names in the scene. A lot of producers out there can get disheartened by constant knockbacks & may never go on to realise/showcase their full potential. This is the project that addresses this.