The Best Hardcore (You’ve Probably Never Heard) Volume 4

The Best Hardcore (You’ve Probably Never Heard) Volume 4

It’s been eight long months since the last edition of the Best Hardcore series. This fourth edition brings to the forefront a selection of tracks and a range of styles to blow your mind.

As ever, the purpose of these mixes are to shine a light on the producers and labels that deserve some love. To this end, the mix contains a hyperlinked tracklist, and this blog will look at the artists a little more closely!

KO3 – A popular Japanese artist with a plethora of music across more styles than you could imagine! His Virtual Self remix is a popular Hardcore remix of one of Porter Robinson’s most popular tracks through his dark alias. You can catch KO3 on a bunch of Japanese CDs, working regularly with Attack The Music, Noriken and Lapix, but to see KO3 and his remarkably well-style hair in person, you’ll have to head to an event in Japan.

Yukiyanagi – Hard work and a big discography is a sign of a hard-grafting producer. This Japanese J-core producer operates like an efficient factory, and some of the tracks have caught on well enough to garner tracks like Super Nova up to 80k Spotify plays! I personally love the sound of Astral Orbit as a great place to start when exploring more Yukiyanagi Hardcore.

Maxi Malone – The boss of Dream Traveller Tales has been busy in the studio the past year, and his flurry of cool releases have been earning fans. His light and floaty instrumental Happy Hardcore style harks back to a 2005-2008 era of music. I’m a massive fan of Stay Awake, so much so that I remixed it!

DeBisco – One of Hardcore’s biggest fans, Mike DeBisco has appeared in more places than you’d realise! His events management and graphic design have made him a popular character in the scene, with his colourful and vibrant style of branding. His efforts with production add another feather to his cap. When his amazing remix of Prodigy’s Timebomb Zone played in this year’s Lucky Lotus Festival 8, I had to feature it! Did you know that the remix is available for free?

RvNovae – Making noise out of Germany, RvNovae brings a lot of passion and motivation to the modern Hardcore scene with cool tracks and regular mixes. He’s featured a couple of times on the Best Hardcore mixes already, but his big break came with a remix of S3RL’s It Went. As a fan of the original, I love his work on Virtual Dreams!

Bee Trax – Mysterious. Bee Trax is a label that recreates and publishes tracks from decades ago that never saw the light of day. I’ve featured my personal favourite, V1.4a, which is reproduced to absolute perfection. The Soundcloud contains a whole host of amazing remakes, so check them out!

Haze – Ben Haze isn’t really a producer who you could put in the ‘young talents’ box. His long history in the genre spans back as far as 1997! However, his releases of some old favourites deserve some spotlight. The 95 Style remix is a brilliant record containing all of the classic elements that made Hardcore Rave legendary.

Acro – Acro is a quickly establishing J-Core producer working on some unbelievably good music. The Soundcloud contains a delectable blend of previews on some fantastic CD releases in Japan and free downloads. Acro’s involvement on Vividwave will hopefully bring us some great collaborated material with Yukiyanagi.

Souley – Hailing from Lithuania, Souley brings an interesting approach to his Hardcore, with ever-improving music combined with his unique artstyle and mascots. Souley’s come leaps and bounds in 2018 and 2019, with his biggest release featuring in an Al Storm mix for Dark Shadows 5.

Reku Mochizuki – Reku is a fantastic Japanese producer, and – you heard it here first – his popularity is about to explode. A wide variety of J-core bootlegs and remixes have been released free, but the quality of the music is sufficient for his name to be amongst the most prolific in the genre. He’s featured in past mixes, but Meteor Shower might be my new favourite from him!

Pendarr – Formerly chasers, Pendarr has been gaining momentum steadily over the last 18 months since their first series appearance, with a featured track with Vau Boy, and a series of popular remixes, including Dropzone. Their personal achievement of appearing on Attack The Music may be surpassed if Pendarr’s great progress this year continues. Keep an ear out!

Finnbarr – Over the last couple of years, Freeform received a massive injection of energy with the arrival of Finnbarr. His work with Stamina Records, including tracks like Stick Together, Hidden in the Light and Freefall. His Sharkey & Arkitech remix is a powerful and melodic track and fingers are crossed 2019 brings a heap more Finnbarr music!

Noc.V – One of Happy Hardcore’s stalwart names. Noc.V has years of consistently fun and energetic tracks with J-core inspiration. Interestingly, Noc.V hasn’t appeared much on Hardcore labels, but rather releases through their own platform. Attention has come thick and fast with S3RL remixes (or S3RL remies of Noc.V!), but for me, the real magic is with tracks like Ryuusei and Your Reality.

D-Tor – The creative mind behind Ramen Break and the creative mind behind a great range of music – much of it deserving of a wider audience. Of all the remixes of Mitomoro & S3RL ft. Lexi – Dream Girl, the D-Tor remix stood out as an energetic and bouncy production. I had to include it!

BeatzPunk – I discovered Hardstyle producer BeatzPunk through New Grounds, and it was his remix of Sandstorm that drew my gaze. A classic remixed over and over again, yet his remix was a powerful and well executed approach. The remix contains riffs and sounds that adds an entertaining new angle.

Coakira – Lucky Lotus Festival 8 opened my eyes to a great deal of styles, but one I couldn’t get enough of was Speedcore. Coakira’s mix was a memorable blend of various tempos, mashed up samples and chaotic instrumentals. I’m definitely a fan, and through Coakira, I’ve discovered a whole genre of amazing brain-breaking music.

QURELESS – My foray into Speedcore has brought me to QURELESS, one of the only producers I know can start a track with a steady trap beat, and thrash your mind with 700bpm Gabber. This time, QURELESS is tearing up with Breakcore, and it’s a great way to see out a set!