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If you didn't know, I have a playlist on Spotify that I love to add to. Mainly, Hardcore tracks that deserve to have some attention! Hidden gems from years past, or new tracks that slip under the radar.

With Hardcore finding popularity hard to come by these days, talented producers who love the genre deserve some credit. Let's crack on with it.

Hixxy - Sacrifice (Ben Defekt & Olly P Remix)

Let's start with a remix of one of Hardcore's defining renaissance tracks. This remix preserves everything that was beautiful in the original by the brilliant DJ Hixxy, and brings in trending and modern extras. The overall evolution of cleaner production, the style of leads, the effects on the vocals. Everything comes together so well that this feels less like a remix, and more like an official revisiting.


Ben Defekt and Olly P are two unexpected names attached to this release, but not surprising. Olly P's talent has been on show for about 5 years, and he's been deserving of some mainstream attention for a long time, having since flitted with tracks on Al Storm's projects and other minor labels. Defekt has worked hard with tracks on 24/7 and Scarred, before finally coming to Electric Fox.


Here's hoping this track gets plenty of playing time. I would argue that it's one of the best tracks of the year, and possibly a brilliant way to end this decade. We end on this famous track, as last decade began with the original.