2019 on Spotify in summary

2019 on Spotify in summary

Another year of being a published artist on Spotify comes and goes, and the second year of Spotify Wrapped allows us to compare progress on the platform.

Overall, I’m pleased to say it’s been a great year. Subtle marketing and some good wins has allowed my music to take strides forward, despite not releasing as much as I’d have hoped in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Here’s 2018 in a nutshell:

With releases in Stay Awake (originally by Maxi Malone), Take Control and bringing guest artists to the label, there has been a healthy expansion of Archefluxx listeners to fans of Hardcore.

Pump It Up has continued to be a strong source of listeners, and it’s almost certainly driven by Spotify’s growing popularity in South American and East Asian countries.

An exciting new factor this year has been Conqueror’s inclusion on popular Geometry Dash maps, including some that have been Featured and Hall of Famed. For a track that’s far past it’s normal lifecycle, it’s amazing that people have been enjoying it!

Here’s 2019’s numbers:

More than three times the listens, over twice the listening time, more than twice the listeners and a huge boost to countries Archefluxx has been played in!

I’m thankful to everyone who’s checked out my artist page and music! I have more music to release, and I’m excited for what 2020 brings! Fingers crossed, we see the same kind of growth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!