Arcade Features

Bringing Happy Hardcore to dance machines worldwide

Redline on Pump It Up Prime: Prime 2

Redline represents the Hardcore music genre on Pump It Up: Prime 2 as part of a collaboration between Andamiro and Neon FM.

The beautiful background graphics capture the track perfectly, and the track has become a popular and particularly challenging addition to the game.

BGA video credit: Wind

Kill Them! on Pump It Up Prime: Prime 2

Kill Them! was a popular collaboration between Kesean Beat and Archefluxx, and quickly became the most popular track between the two following features on the Neon FM arcade game, Pump It Up: Infinity and Pump It Up: Prime 2. The track also featured on the Trance series on the Maikel Youtube channel..

BGA video credit: osvixx

Conqueror on Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash map creator knots discovered Conqueror on NewGrounds and constructed a beautiful map named Trigger Happy for the track. Players would play the tough level dodging obstacles and traversing platforms with harmonious synchrony with the beats and melodies.

The map made the Geometry Dash featured list and Hall of Fame and tallied over 250,000 downloads.

Video credit: Geometry Dash Zyperion