Archefluxx has produced and released Hardcore music since 2009.

Archefluxx has been producing for over 10 years, and he's not done yet. Renowned for colourful visuals alongside his music, Archefluxx brings a breath of fresh air to your playlists. Amongst an extensive back-catalog are releases by aliases At Peace and Elipton. You can find the music on any major digital music outlet or streaming service, such as Spotify.

The Archefluxx back-catalog can be found being danced to across the world in games arcades. Kill Them! with Kesean Beat and Redline have become cult favourites on Pump it Up: Prime 2 and Pump it Up: Infinity. A whole host of tracks are featured in the innovative mobile app, Neon FM, and Conqueror has become a Hall of Fame track twice over in Geometry Dash.

Featured Releases

When Atoms Collide

2020 - a new decade in which 'When Atoms Collide' drops. This brand new Archefluxx single spanning a year of reinvention in the studio marries the familiar hard-kick formula with a stunning melodic riff.

Kill EP

Kill Them! is a fast-paced, riffy UK Hardcore track brought forward by the combined talents of Kesean Beat and Archefluxx. The punchy kick and powerful bassline has made this a dance-mat  legend.

Take Control

Uplifting Hardcore is epic isn't it? The breakdowns, the build-ups, the drop. Take Control encompasses everything that makes Hardcore an experience.

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