10 Years of UK and Happy Hardcore

Archefluxx has been producing for over 10 years, and he's not done yet. Renowned for colourful visuals alongside his music, Archefluxx brings a breath of fresh air to your playlists. Amongst an extensive back-catalog are releases by aliases At Peace and Elipton.

The Archefluxx back-catalog can be found being danced to across the world in games arcades. Kill Them! with Kesean Beat and Redline have become cult favourites on Pump it Up: Prime 2 and Pump it Up: Infinity. A whole host of tracks are featured in the innovative mobile app, Neon FM, and Conqueror has become a Hall of Fame track twice over in Geometry Dash.

Archefluxx releases on Tears of Kunlun

When Atoms Collide

2020 - a new decade in which 'When Atoms Collide' drops. This brand new Archefluxx single spanning a year of reinvention in the studio marries the familiar hard-kick formula with a stunning melodic riff.

Take Control

Uplifting Hardcore is epic isn't it? The breakdowns, the build-ups, the drop. Take Control encompasses everything that makes Hardcore an experience.

Eyes to the Future

Melodies to remember. This release is an explosive and frenetic arrangement of exciting riffs, decorated with beautiful theremin, breakdowns and a rare Liquid Drum & Bass bridge.

Planet EP - The Remixes

The Planet EP featured three of the most well received Archefluxx tracks in 2018.  Kick starting 2019 in true form, this Remix EP is bringing some of the best talents together to work their magic.

Olly P - The New Day (Archefluxx Remix)

Entwined with beautiful breakdowns, a feel-good melodic piano line and an uplifting riff at the finale, the Archefluxx Remix of The New Day by Olly P has been mastered and released to all.


Hypagaia is the heavy-hitting Happy Hardcore slammer you never knew you needed. Archefluxx goes ham with a massive melody, a grimy bass sound and worked it all into one.

Heartbleed EP

This thoroughly happy Hardcore track moves through delicate pads and pianos, before building up to a big drop, where the fast energetic riff is driven by a brilliant kick and bassline combo.

Droppin' Classics EP

The Droppin' Classics EP has arrived containing two refreshed and remastered Archefluxx tracks of old! Droppin' Bombs and Animus both proved as two of the tracks that put Archefluxx on the map.

Redline EP

Redline has gone down as a memorable Archefluxx track over the years, now featured on numerous arcades and being danced to across the world.

Planet EP

The Planet EP is landing with three new thrilling UK Hardcore tracks from Archefluxx, celebrating the pure filth of a hard-kickdrum-led record.

Kill EP

Kill Them! is a fast-paced, riffy UK Hardcore track brought forward by the combined talents of Kesean Beat and Archefluxx. The punchy kick and powerful bassline has made this a dance-mat  legend.

Wrath EP

Wrath is the second Tears of Kunlun EP to land from Archefluxx and it brings two more powerful tracks to the fold; Unleash The Volume and Ravefox.

Awakening EP

Awakening sees the return of Tears of Kunlun. Marking the launch of the label, the EP features two tracks, complete with original full-length mixes and shortened radio mixes.

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