Producing Happy and UK Hardcore since 2008

Archefluxx has been producing for over 10 years, and he's not done yet. Renowned for colourful visuals alongside his music, Archefluxx brings a breath of fresh air to your playlists. Amongst an extensive back-catalog are releases by aliases At Peace and Elipton. You can find the music on any major digital music outlet or streaming service, such as Spotify.

The Archefluxx back-catalog can be found being danced to across the world in games arcades. Kill Them! with Kesean Beat and Redline have become cult favourites on Pump it Up: Prime 2 and Pump it Up: Infinity. A whole host of tracks are featured in the innovative mobile app, Neon FM, and Conqueror has become a Hall of Fame track twice over in Geometry Dash.

Featured Releases

Ventress 2020

Smashing the doors down with a big industrial sound, Ventress makes no secret of itself. Archefluxx combines with Elipton, and it lands its' kicks with flawless timing and perfect control.

Kill EP

Kill Them! is a fast-paced, riffy UK Hardcore track brought forward by the combined talents of Kesean Beat and Archefluxx. The punchy kick and powerful bassline has made this a dance-mat  legend.

Take Control

Uplifting Hardcore is epic isn't it? The breakdowns, the build-ups, the drop. Take Control encompasses everything that makes Hardcore an experience.

The Archefluxx Blog

Ventress 2020 cover art gabber
Smashing the doors down with a big industrial sound, 'Ventress' makes no secret of itself. Archefluxx combines with Elipton to
Some say good tracks never die, and Legendary tracks always deserve a place on your tracklists. Legend from Mansy brings
If you enjoyed Hardcore in the early 2010's, you'd have probably seen The Seven Dimensions of EDM. Across 7 volumes